World War I Films

  1. The Summer of Sarajevo: Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary, is assassinated while visiting the city of Sarajevo thus touching off a series of events which lead to World War I. (Sep 22, 1964)
    1. 20111.1. The World Moves On (1934). John Ford -- A family history from the Napoleonic era through World War 1. Cast: Madelaine Carroll, Mary Warburton, Franchot Tone, Lumsden Hare, Raul Roulien, Reginald Denny, Louise Dresser. Dir: John Ford. 104 min.
    2. 9999.1. Jules and Jim (1961). France -- In France before World War 1 a tempestuous beauty comes between college friends. Cast: Jeanne Moreau, Oskar Werner, Henri Serre, Vanna Urbino, Boris Bassiak, Anny Nelsen, Sabine Haudepin, Marie Dubois, Michel Subor. Dir: François Truffaut. 107 min. Blu-Ray

  2. The Clash of the Generals: Germany's attempts to put a quick end to the war come to naught when they are halted short of Paris by Allied forces at the Battle of the Marne. (Sep 29, 1964)
    1. 9999.1. 7th Heaven (1927). Borzage -- In the days before World War 1 a Paris street cleaner saves a young woman's life. Cast: Janet Gaynor, Charles Farrell, Ben Bard, Albert Gran, David Butler, Marie Mosquini, Gladys Brockwell, Emile Chautard, Jessie Haslett, Brandon Hurst, George E. Stone, Lillian West. Dir: Frank Borzage. 119 min. Blu-Ray
    2. 1494.1. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (1921). World War 1 -- In this silent film, a young Argentine fights for France, his father's country, in World War 1. Cast: Rudolph Valentino, Alice Terry, Virginia Warwick, Nigel De Brulier, Alan Hale, Wallace Beery, Pomeroy Cannon, Josef Swickard, Bridgetta Clark, Mabel Van Buren, Stuart Holmes, John St. Polis, Mark Fenton, Derek Ghent, Bowditch M. Turner, Edward Connelly. Dir: Rex Ingram. 133 min.

  3. The Doomed Dynasties: Profile of three dynasties: the Romanovs of Russia, the Hapsburgs of Austria-Hungary, and the Hohenzollerns of Germany, none of which survived the end of World War I. (Oct 06, 1964)
    1. 1216.1. Rasputin and the Empress (1932). Russia -- True story of the mad monk who plotted to rule Russia. Cast: John Barrymore, Ethel Barrymore, Lionel Barrymore, Ralph Morgan, Diana Wynyard, Tad Alexander, C. Henry Gordon, Edward Arnold. Dir: Richard Boleslawski. 121 min.
    2. 9999.1. Nicholas and Alexandra (1971). History -- The czar of Russia is deposed during World War 1. Cast: Michael Jayston, Janet Suzman, Roderic Noble, Ania Marson, Lynne Frederick, Candace Glendenning, Fiona Fullerton, Harry Andrews, Irene Worth, Tom Baker, Jack Hawkins, Timothy West, Katherine Schofield, Jean-Claude Drouot, John Hallam. Dir: Franklin J. Schaffner. 183 min. Blu-Ray

  4. Atrocity 1914: German armed forces commit atrocities while fighting in Belgium during the early days of the war which the Allies are able to use to their advantage in the propaganda war. (Oct 13, 1964)
    1. Amazon. Nurse Edith Cavell (1939). World War 1 -- An English nurse encounters the Bosch in Brussels during WW1. Cast: Anna Neagle, Edna May Oliver, George Sanders, May Robson, Zasu Pitts, H.B. Warner, Sophie Stewart, Mary Howard, Robert Coote, Martin Kosleck, Gui Ignon, Lionel Royce, Jimmy Butler, Rex Downing, Henry Brandon. Dir: Herbert Wilcox. 108 min.
    2. 9999.1. The African Queen (1951). Bogart -- A grizzled skipper and a spirited missionary take on the Germans in Africa during World War 1. Cast: Humphrey Bogart, Katharine Hepburn, Robert Morley, Peter Bull, Theodore Bikel, Walter Gotell, Peter Swanwick, Richard Marner. Dir: John Huston. 103 min. Blu-Ray

  5. They Sank the Lusitania: The British passenger liner Lusitania is torpedoed by a German U-Boat in 1915 costing numerous civilian lives many of whom were Americans. The British say the Lusitania was an unarmed passenger ship while the Germans claim it was carrying munitions. Which one was correct? (Oct 27, 1964)
    1. 9999.1. Till the Clouds Roll By (1946). Musical -- True story of composer Jerome Kern's rise to the top on Broadway and in Hollywood. Cast: Robert Walker, Van Heflin, Lucille Bremer, Paul Langton, Harry Hayden, June Allyson, Judy Garland, Kathryn Grayson, Lena Horne, Van Johnson, Tony Martin, Dinah Shore, Frank Sinatra, Gower Champion, Cyd Charisse, Angela Lansbury, Paul Maxey, Ray McDonald,. Dir: Richard Whorf. 136 min.

  6. Verdun the Inferno: Verdun, the bloodiest battle of World War I, begins on February 21, 1916 as the Germans intend to bleed the French Army dry with casualties without even trying to achieve a tactical victory. (Nov 10, 1964)
    1. 9999.1. Paths of Glory (1957). World War 1 -- A military lawyer comes to question the status quo when he defends three men accused of cowardice. Cast: Kirk Douglas, Adolphe Menjou, George Macready, Wayne Morris, Richard Anderson, Ralph Meeker, Timothy Carey. Dir: Stanley Kubrick. 87 min. Blu-Ray
    2. 9999.1. Wooden Crosses (1932). Raymond Bernard -- French infantrymen in World War 1. Cast: Pierre Blanchar, Gabriel Gabrio, Charles Vanel, Raymond Aimos, Antonin Artaud, Paul Azaïs, René Bergeron, Raymond Cordy, Marcel Delaître, Jean Galland, Pierre Labry, Geo Laby, René Montis, Jean-François Martial, Marc Valbel. Dir: Raymond Bernard. 110 min. Blu-Ray

  7. The Battle of Jutland: For the only time in the war, the combined British and German fleets engage each other in combat on the high seas. The result of the battle is a draw but the British are able to retain their control of the seas and the German fleet will be a non-factor for the remainder of the war. (Nov 17, 1964)
    1. 9999.1. The Battles of Coronel and Falkland Islands (1927). World War 1 -- Recreation of British naval battles from World War 1. Cast: Craighall Sherry, Hans von Slock. Dir: Walter Summers. 107 min. Blu-Ray
    2. 9999.1. The Log of the U-35 (1920). WW1 Documentary -- A documentary filmed aboard a German U-Boat during the First World War. Same dvd as "The Secret Game." Cast: Lothar von Arnauld de la Perière. Dir: Hans Brennert. 27 min.

  8. The Trenches: Life in the trenches for both the Germans and the Allies is portrayed in this episode. (Nov 24, 1964)
    1. 9999.1. Fighting the War (1916). WW1 Documentary -- A documentary showing numerous scenes of combat on the Western Front during the First World War. Same dvd as "The Secret Game." Dir: Donald C. Thompson. 23 min.
    2. 1619.2. The Better 'Ole (1926). Silent -- In this silent film, friends face misadventures during World War 1. Cast: Syd Chaplin, Harold Goodwin, Jack Ackroyd, Edgar Kennedy, Charles K. Gerrard. Dir: Charles Reisner. 95 min.
    3. 9999.1. All Quiet on the Western Front (1930). War -- Young German soldiers try to adjust to the horrors of World War 1. Cast: Louis Wolheim, Lew Ayres, John Wray, Arnold Lucy, Ben Alexander, Scott Kolk, Owen Davis Jr., Walter Rogers, William Bakewell, Russell Gleason, Richard Alexander, Harold Goodwin, Slim Summerville, G. Pat Collins, Beryl Mercer. Dir: Lewis Milestone. 131 min. Blu-Ray
    4. 9999.1. The Road to Glory (1936). World War 1 -- A French regiment fights in World War 1. Cast: Fredric March, Warner Baxter, Lionel Barrymore, June Lang, Gregory Ratoff, Victor Kilian, Paul Stanton, John Qualen, Julius Tannen, Theodore von Eltz, Paul Fix, Leonid Kinskey, Jacques Lory, Jacques Vanaire, Edythe Raynore. Dir: Howard Hawks. 103 min.

  9. D-Day at Gallipoli: Great Britain's disastrous campaign against the Ottoman Empire on the Gallipoli peninsula is profiled. (Dec 01, 1964)
    1. 9999.1. Gallipoli (1981). World War 1 -- Australians fight for the British Empire in World War 1. Cast: Mark Lee, Bill Kerr, Harold Hopkins, Charles Lathalu Yunipingu, Heath Harris, Ron Graham, Gerda Nicolson, Mel Gibson, Robert Grubb, Tim McKenzie, David Argue, Brian Anderson, Reg Evans, Jack Giddy, Dane Peterson. Dir: Peter Weir. 110 min.

  10. America the Neutral: As war rages in Europe, the United States attempts to remain neutral in the conflict although many come to feel that America should enter the war on the side of Great Britain and its allies due to increasing tensions with Germany. (Dec 08, 1964)
    1. 2026.1. Ever in My Heart (1933). Stanwyck -- During World War 1, a woman suspects her husband of being a German spy. Cast: Barbara Stanwyck, Otto Kruger, Ralph Bellamy, Ruth Donnelly, Laura Hope Crews, Frank Albertson, Ronnie Cosby, Clara Blandick, Willard Robertson, Nella Walker, Harry Beresford, Virginia Howell. Dir: Archie Mayo. 69 min.
    2. 1609.1. Hearts of the World (1918). War -- In this silent film, World War 1 threatens the lives of two small-town sweethearts. Cast: Lillian Gish, Dorothy Gish, Robert Harron,D.W. Griffith, David Lloyd George, Sir Edward Grey, René Viviani, Valerie Germonprez, Ben Alexander, Robert Anderson, Kate Bruce, Jack Cosgrave, Noel Coward, Josephine Crowell, Alphonse Dufort, Jean Dumercier, Yvette Duvoisin, Louise Emmons, Marion Emmons, George Fawcett, Mary Gish, Jessie Harron, John Harron, Mary Harron, Mrs. Harron, Mary Hay, Fay Holderness, Jules Lemontier, Adolph Lestina, L. Lowry, Georges Loyer, Francis Marion, George Nichols, Eugene Pouyet, Gaston Riviere, George Siegmann, Herbert Sutch, Erich von Stroheim, Anna Mae Walthall. Dir: D.W. Griffith. 117 min.
    3. 1800.1. On Moonlight Bay (1951). Musical -- A small-town tomboy falls for the boy-next-door in the years before World War 1. Cast: Doris Day, Gordon MacRae, Billy Gray, Jack Smith, Leon Ames, Rosemary DeCamp, Mary Wickes, Ellen Corby, Henry East, Jeffrey Stevens, Eddie Marr. Dir: Roy Del Ruth. 95 min.
    4. 9999.1. The Wild Bunch (1969). Western -- A group of aging cowboys look for one last score in a corrupt border town. Cast: William Holden, Ernest Borgnine, Robert Ryan, Edmond O'Brien, Warren Oates, Jaime Sánchez, Ben Johnson, Emilio Fernández, Strother Martin, L.Q. Jones, Albert Dekker, Bo Hopkins, Dub Taylor, Paul Harper, Jorge Russek. Dir: Sam Peckinpah. 148 min. Blu-Ray

  11. Wilson and the War: Woodrow Wilson, President of the United States, attempts to keep his country out of the war as well as negotiate a peace on the basis of his Fourteen Points. After America is finally dragged into the conflict due to German machinations, Wilson prepares to lead the war effort. (Dec 20, 1964)
    1. 9999.1. Wilson (1945). History -- Events in the life of the man who was President during World War 1. Cast: Alexander Knox, Geraldine Fitzgerald, Thomas Mitchell, Ruth Nelson, Cedric Hardwicke, Charles Coburn, Vincent Price, William Eythe, Mary Anderson, Ruth Ford, Sidney Blackmer, Madeleine Forbes, Stanley Ridges, Eddie Foy Jr., Charles Halton. Dir: Henry King. 154 min.

  12. Revolution in Red: The war goes badly for Russia leading to the fall of the Tsarist government and its replacement with a provisional one led by Alexander Kerensky. But the Kerensky government is weak and will be overthrown by tyrannical Bolsheviks lead by Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. (Dec 27, 1964)
    1. 9999.1. The Battleship Potemkin (1925). War -- A Russian mutiny triggers revolutionary sentiments around the nation. Cast: Aleksandr Antonov, Vladimir Barsky, Grigori Aleksandrov, Ivan Bobrov, Mikhail Gomorov, Aleksandr Levshin, N. Poltavseva, Konstantin Feldman, Prokopenko, A. Glauberman, Beatrice Vitoldi, Brodsky, Julia Eisenstein, Sergei M. Eisenstein, Andrei Fajt, Korobei, Marusov, Protopopov, Repnikova, Zerenin. Dir: Sergei Eisenstein. 71 min. Blu-Ray
    2. 9999.1. Doctor Zhivago (1965). Masterpiece Theater -- Illicit lovers fight to stay together during the turbulent years of the Russian Revolution. Cast: Omar Sharif, Julie Christie, Rod Steiger, Alec Guinness, Geraldine Chaplin, Tom Courtney, Rita Tushingham. Dir: David Lean. 200 min. Blu-Ray
    3. 2275.3. British Agent (1934). World War 1 -- An Englishman falls in love with a Russian spy during the 1917 revolution. Cast: Leslie Howard, Kay Francis, William Gargan, Phillip Reed, Irving Pichel, Ivan F. Simpson, Halliwell Hobbes, J. Carrol Naish, Walter Byron, Cesar Romero, Arthur Aylesworth, Alphonse Ethier, Frank Reicher, Tenen Holtz, Doris Lloyd. Dir: Michael Curtiz. 81 min.

  13. Behind the German Lines: As the war drags on, the once enthusiastic German population begins to suffer especially during the Turnip Winter of 1916-17. Changes also come in the government with the Kaiser and his civilian ministers becoming little more than rubber stamps for the military led by Field Marshal Hindenburg and General Ludendorff. (Jan 03, 1965)
    1. 20116.1. Four Sons (1928). John Ford -- Three of a Bavarian widow's sons go to war for Germany and the fourth goes to America. Cast: Margaret Mann, James Hall, Charles Morton, Ralph Bushman, George Meeker, June Collyer, Earle Foxe, Albert Gran, Frank Reicher, Archduke Leopold of Austria, Ferdinand Schumann-Heink, Jack Pennick. Dir: John Ford. 100 min.
    2. 9999.1. The Secret Game (1917). World War 1 -- During World War 1, German and Japanese spies face off in the United States. Cast: Sessue Hayakawa, Jack Holt, Florence Vidor, Mayme Kelso, Raymond Hatton, Charles Ogle. Dir: William C. de Mille. 67 min.

  14. Year of Lost Illusions: The carnage of the war continues during 1917 as casualties on both sides mount. (Jan 10, 1965)
    1. 9999.1. King & Country (1964). World War 1 -- A British soldier, charged with desertion, is defended by an officer who despises his actions until he finds out there is more to the case than meets the eye. Cast: Dirk Bogarde, Tom Courtenay, Leo McKern. Dir: Joseph Losey. 87 min. Blu-Ray
    2. 9999.1. Grand Illusion (1937). War -- French POW's fight to escape their German captors during World War 1. Cast: Jean Gabin, Dita Parlo, Pierre Fresnay, Erich von Stroheim, Julien Carette, Georges Péclet, Werner Florian, Jean Dasté, Sylvain Itkine, Gaston Modot, Marcel Dalio. Dir: Jean Renoir. 114 min. Blu-Ray
    3. 1261.2. Mata Hari (1931). Spies -- Romantic biography of World War 1's notorious lady spy. Cast: Greta Garbo, Ramon Novarro, Lionel Barrymore, Lewis Stone, C. Henry Gordon, Karen Morley, Alec B. Francis, Blanche Friderici, Edmund Breese, Helen Jerome Eddy, Frank Reicher. Dir: George Fitzmaurice. 89 min.
    4. 9999.1. J'Accuse! (1919). World War 1 -- French soldiers fight in World War 1. Cast: Romuald Joubé, Maxime Desjardins, Séverin-Mars, Angèle Guys, Maryse Dauvray, Mancini, Paul Duc. Dir: Abel Gance. 166 min.
    5. 1000.1. Captured! (1933). World War 1 -- While in a POW camp, a man discovers his best friend was his wife's lover. Cast: Leslie Howard, Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Paul Lukas, Margaret Lindsay, Robert Barrat, Arthur Hohl, John Bleifer, William Le Maire, J. Carrol Naish, Philip Faversham, Frank Reicher, Joyce Coad, Bert Sprotte, Harry Cording, Halliwell Hobbes. Dir: Roy Del Ruth. 69 min.

  15. Over There: The first American troops arrive in France under the command of General John Pershing who insists that they not fight until they are properly trained and ready for battle. (Jan 17, 1965)
    1. 2257.2. What Price Glory (1926). War -- Friendly rivals help each other cope with the horrors of World War 1. Cast: Edmund Lowe, Victor McLaglen, Dolores del Rio, William V. Mong, Phyllis Haver, Elena Jurado, Leslie Fenton, Barry Norton, Sammy Cohen, Ted McNamara, August Tollaire, Mathilde Comont, Patrick Rooney. Dir: Raoul Walsh. 116 min.
    2. 1674.3. Shoulder Arms (1918). Chaplin -- In this silent film, a private fresh out of boot camp accepts a daring mission behind enemy lines during World War 1. Cast: Charles Chaplin, Edna Purviance, Syd Chaplin, Jack Wilson, Henry Bergman, Albert Austin, Tom Wilson, John Rand, J. Parks Jones, Loyal Underwood. Dir: Charles Chaplin. 46 min.
    3. 2194.3. High C's (1930). Comedy Short -- An entertainer serving in World War 1 puts music before military service. Cast: Charley Chase, Thelma Todd, Carlton Griffin, Oscar Smith, Harry Schultz, Lucien Prival, Jimmie Adams, Frank Gage, Marvin Hatley, Otto Fries, Baldwin Cooke, Eddie Dunn. Dir: James W. Horne. 29 min.
    4. 28262.4. Bosko the Doughboy (1931). Cartoon-WB -- Bosco fights in the trenches during World War 1. Cast: Bosko. Dir: Hugh Harman. 7 min.
    5. 9999.1. The Big Parade (1925). War -- In this silent film, a young innocent enlists for World War 1 service but soon learns the horrors of war. Cast: John Gilbert, Renée Adorée, Hobart Bosworth, Claire McDowell, Claire Adams, Robert Ober, Tom O'Brien, Karl Dane, Rosita Marstini. Dir: King Vidor. 126 min. Blu-Ray
    6. 1330.2. Rendezvous (1935). Spies -- A decoding expert tangles with enemy spies during World War 1. Cast: William Powell, Rosalind Russell, Binnie Barnes, Lionel Atwill, Cesar Romero, Samuel S. Hinds, Henry Stephenson, Frank Reicher, Charley Grapewin, Leonard Mudie, Howard C. Hickman, Charles Trowbridge, Murray Kinnell. Dir: William K. Howard. 94 min.
    7. 1000.1. Chances (1931). World War 1 -- When brothers fighting World War I together fall for the same girl, it spells danger. Cast: Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Rose Hobart, Anthony Bushell, Holmes Herbert, Mary Forbes, Tyrell Davis, Edmund Breon, Harry Allen. Dir: Allan Dwan. 71 min.
    8. 20101.1. What Price Glory (1952). World War 1 -- A Marine captain and his top sergeant quarrel in 1918 France. Cast: James Cagney, Corinne Calvet, Dan Dailey, William Demarest, Craig Hill, Robert Wagner, Marisa Pavan, Max Showalter, James Gleason, Wally Vernon, Henri Letondal, Luis Alberni, Olga Andre, Ed Begley, Danny Borzage, George Bruggeman, Ann Codee, Charles B. Fi. Dir: John Ford. 111 min.

  16. Over Here: The United States homefront during World War I is profiled including some who oppose American entry into the war. (Jan 24, 1965)
    1. 1657.2. The Shopworn Angel (1938). Home Front -- A showgirl gives up life in the fast lane for a young soldier on his way to fight World War 1. Cast: Margaret Sullavan, James Stewart, Walter Pidgeon, Hattie McDaniel, Nat Pendleton, Alan Curtis, Sam Levene, Eleanor Lynn, Charles D. Brown. Dir: H.C. Potter. 85 min.
    2. 12204.5. United Snakes of America (1917). American Film Archives -- World War 1 cartoon assails homefront dissenters. Dir: . 1 min.
    3. 1127.1. For Me and My Gal (1942). Musical -- An unscrupulous song-and-dance man uses his wife and his best friend to get ahead and avoid World War 1. Cast: Judy Garland, Gene Kelly, George Murphy, Marta Eggerth, Ben Blue, Richard Quine, Stephen McNally. Dir: Busby Berkeley. 104 min.
    4. 13009.1. The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle (1939). Astaire -- True story of the dancing team who taught the world to two-step before World War 1. Cast: Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Edna May Oliver, Walter Brennan, Lew Fields. Dir: H.C. Potter. 93 min.
    5. 1174.2. Reds (1981). History -- American activist John Reed travels to Russia to witness the revolution and its aftermath. Warren Beatty, Diane Keaton, Jack Nicholson. Cast: Warren Beatty, Diane Keaton, Edward Herrmann, Jerzy Kosinski, Jack Nicholson, Paul Sorvino, Maureen Stapleton, Nicolas Coster, M. Emmet Walsh, Ian Wolfe, Bessie Love, MacIntyre Dixon, Pat Starr, Eleanor D. Wilson, Max Wright. Dir: Warren Beatty. 193 min.

  17. Daredevils and Dogfights: Aerial combat during World War I is the subject of this episode including profiles of leading Allied and German war aces. (Jan 31, 1965)
    1. 9999.1. The Dawn Patrol (1930). Airplanes -- A hotshot World War 1 flyer almost cracks under the pressure of sending his men on perilous missions. Cast: Richard Barthelmess, Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Neil Hamilton, Frank McHugh, Clyde Cook, James Finlayson, Gardner James, William Janney, Edmund Breon. Dir: Howard Hawks. 108 min.
    2. 9999.1. Wings (1927). Airplanes -- Romantic rivals fly against the enemy in World War 1. Cast: Clara Bow, Charles 'Buddy' Rogers, Richard Arlen, Jobyna Ralston, El Brendel, Richard Tucker, Gary Cooper, Gunboat Smith, Henry B. Walthall, Roscoe Karns, Julia Swayne Gordon, Arlette Marchal. Dir: William A. Wellman. 144 min. Blu-Ray
    3. 1467.2. Darling Lili (1970). Spies -- A World War 1 flyer falls for a beautiful enemy spy. Cast: Julie Andrews, Rock Hudson, Jeremy Kemp, Lance Percival, Michael Witney, Gloria Paul, Jacques Marin, André Maranne, Bernard Kay, Doreen Keogh, Carl Duering, Vernon Dobtcheff, Laurie Main, Louis Mercier, Arthur Gould-Porter. Dir: Blake Edwards. 114 min.
    4. 1645.2. Ace of Aces (1933). Airplanes -- After he's branded a coward, a sculptor travels to France to help fight World War 1. Cast: Richard Dix, Elizabeth Allan, Ralph Bellamy, Theodore Newton, Nella Walker, Anderson Lawler, Frank Conroy, Joe Sawyer, Arthur Jarrett, Claude Gillingwater Jr., Clarence Stroud, Claude Stroud, Frank Clarke, Helmut Gorin. Dir: J. Walter Ruben. 76 min.
    5. 2037.1. The Eagle and the Hawk (1933). Airplanes -- RAF pilots fight to endure the nerve-wracking ordeal of flying in World War 1. Cast: Fredric March, Cary Grant, Jack Oakie, Carole Lombard, Guy Standing, Forrester Harvey, Kenneth Howell, Leyland Hodgson, Virginia Hammond, Douglas Scott, Robert Seiter, Adrienne D'Ambricourt. Dir: Stuart Walker. 73 min.
    6. 9999.1. The Blue Max (1966). Airplanes -- German pilots in World War 1 vie for honors and women. Cast: George Peppard, James Mason, Ursula Andress, Jeremy Kemp, Karl Michael Vogler, Anton Diffring, Harry Towb, Peter Woodthorpe, Derek Newark, Derren Nesbitt, Loni von Friedl, Friedrich von Ledebur, Carl Schell, Hugo Schuster, Alex Scott. Dir: George Schaefer. 156 min. Blu-Ray
    7. 1024.2. Suzy (1936). Cary Grant -- A French World War 1 air ace discovers that his showgirl wife's first husband is still alive. Cast: Jean Harlow, Cary Grant, Franchot Tone, Benita Hume, Lewis Stone. Dir: George Fitzmaurice. 93 min.
    8. 9999.1. Hell's Angels (1930). World War 1. Cast: Ben Lyon, James Hall, Jean Harlow, John Darrow, Lucien Prival, Frank Clarke, Roy Wilson, Douglas Gilmore, Jane Winton, Evelyn Hall, William B. Davidson, Wyndham Standing, Lena Malena, Marian Marsh, Carl von Haartman. Dir: Howard Hughes. 127 min.
    9. 1370.1. The Dawn Patrol (1938). War -- A flight commander in France almost cracks under the pressure of sending men to their deaths during World War 1. Cast: Errol Flynn, Basil Rathbone, David Niven, Donald Crisp, Melville Cooper, Barry Fitzgerald, Carl Esmond, Peter Willes, Morton Lowry, Michael Brooke, James Burke, Stuart Hall, Herbert Evans, Sidney Bracey, Leo Nomis. Dir: Edmund Goulding. 103 min.

  18. The Agony of Caporetto: On the Italian front, Allied forces must retreat after the bloody battle of Caporetto. (Feb 14, 1965)
    1. 9999.1. A Farewell to Arms (1932). Masterpiece Theater -- An American serving in World War 1 falls for a spirited nurse. Cast: Helen Hayes, Gary Cooper, Adolphe Menjou, Mary Philips, Jack La Rue, Blanche Friderici, Mary Forbes, Gilbert Emery. Dir: Frank Borzage. 89 min. Blu-Ray

  19. Tipperary and All That Jazz: Songs of the war. (Feb 21, 1965)
    1. 1718.1. Waterloo Bridge (1931). Home Front -- A street-walker picks up a soldier on London's Waterloo Bridge. Cast: Mae Clarke, Douglass Montgomery, Doris Lloyd, Frederick Kerr, Enid Bennett, Bette Davis, Ethel Griffies, Rita Carlyle, Ruth Handforth. Dir: James Whale. 81 min.
    2. 1698.3. The Dark Angel (1935). Friends No More -- Three childhood friends are torn apart by love and World War 1. Cast: Fredric March, Merle Oberon, Herbert Marshall, Janet Beecher, John Halliday, Henrietta Crosman, Frieda Inescort, Claud Allister, Cora Sue Collins, Fay Chaldecott, George P. Breakston. Dir: Sidney Franklin. 110 min.
    3. 2248.2. Today We Live (1933). Love and War -- An aristocratic English girl's tangled love life creates havoc during World War 1. Cast: Joan Crawford, Gary Cooper, Robert Young, Franchot Tone, Roscoe Karns, Louise Closser Hale, Rollo Lloyd, Hilda Vaughn. Dir: Howard Hawks. 114 min.
    4. 2250.1. The Spy In Black (1939). War -- A German sub tries to sink the British fleet during World War 1. Cast: Conrad Veidt, Sebastian Shaw, Valerie Hobson, Marius Goring, June Duprez, Athole Stewart, Agnes Lauchlan, Helen Haye, Cyril Raymond, George Summers, Hay Petrie, Grant Sutherland, Robert Rendel, Mary Morris, Margaret Moffatt. Dir: Michael Powell. 77 min.
    5. 1209.3. Waterloo Bridge (1940). Home Front -- A ballerina turns to prostitution when her fiancé is reported killed in World War 1. Cast: Vivien Leigh, Robert Taylor, Lucile Watson, Virginia Field, Maria Ouspenskaya, C. Aubrey Smith, Janet Shaw, Janet Waldo, Steffi Duna, Virginia Carroll, Leda Nicova, Florence Baker, Margery Manning, Frances MacInerney, Eleanor Stewart. Dir: Mervyn LeRoy. 109 min.

  20. The Promised Lands: Chronicles the rise of nationalism amongst various ethnic groups including the Arabs under Ottoman rule and various Balkan peoples under the control of Austria-Hungary. (Feb 28, 1965)
    1. 9999.1. The Lost Patrol (1934). World War 1 -- A British army troop fights off Arab snipers while holed up in an oasis. Cast: Victor McLaglen, Boris Karloff, Wallace Ford, Reginald Denny, J.M. Kerrigan, Billy Bevan, Alan Hale, Brandon Hurst, Douglas Walton, Sammy Stein, Howard Wilson, Paul Hanson. Dir: John Ford. 66 min.
    2. 1589.2. Two Arabian Knights (1927). Silent -- In this silent film, two American soldiers fight to escape the Germans while squabbling over a beautiful harem girl during World War 1. Cast: William Boyd, Mary Astor, Louis Wolheim, Ian Keith, Michael Vavitch, Michael Visaroff, Boris Karloff, DeWitt Jennings, Nicholas Dunaew, Jean Vachon, Dennis D'Auburn. Dir: Lewis Milestone. 90 min.
    3. 9999.1. Lawrence of Arabia (1962). History -- A British military officer enlists the Arabs for desert warfare in World War 1. Cast: Peter O'Toole, Alec Guinness, Anthony Quinn, Jack Hawkins, Omar Sharif, José Ferrer, Anthony Quayle, Claude Rains, Arthur Kennedy, Donald Wolfit, I.S. Johar, Gamil Ratib, Michel Ray, John Dimech, Zia Mohyeddin. Dir: David Lean. 227 min. Blu-Ray

  21. The Tide Turns: In early 1918, American troops finally see combat for the first time and the tide of the war slowly begins to turn in favor of the Allies. (Mar 07, 1965)
    1. 1335.2. The Fighting 69th (1940). War -- A braggart soldier learns the true meaning of heroism when he joins World War 1's all-Irish unit. Cast: James Cagney, Pat O'Brien, George Brent, Jeffrey Lynn, Alan Hale, Frank McHugh, Dennis Morgan, Dick Foran, William Lundigan, Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams, Henry O'Neill, John Litel, Sammy Cohen, Harvey Stephens, William Hopper. Dir: William Keighley. 90 min.
    2. 1257.1. Sergeant York (1941). War -- True story of the farm boy who made the transition from religious pacifist to World War 1 hero. Cast: Gary Cooper, Walter Brennan, Joan Leslie, George Tobias, Stanley Ridges, Margaret Wycherly, Ward Bond, Noah Beery Jr., June Lockhart, Dickie Moore, Clem Bevans, Howard Da Silva, Charles Trowbridge, Harvey Stephens, David Bruce. Dir: Howard Hawks. 134 min.
    3. 1401.2. Hell Below (1933). Seafaring -- A submarine captain clashes with one of his crew during World War 1. Cast: Robert Montgomery, Walter Huston, Madge Evans, Jimmy Durante, Eugene Pallette, Robert Young, Edwin Styles, John Lee Mahin, David Newell, Sterling Holloway, Charles Irwin. Dir: Jack Conway. 101 min.

  22. The Battle of the Argonne: The Battle of the Argonne Forest ends up being a backbreaker for the German Army as Allied forces continue to push them back. (Mar 14, 1965)
    1. 2207.1. Dark Journey (1937). Spies -- Rival spies fall in love during World War 1. Cast: Conrad Veidt, Vivien Leigh, Joan Gardner, Anthony Bushell, Ursula Jeans, Margery Pickard, Eliot Makeham, Austin Trevor, Sam Livesey, Edmund Willard, Charles Carson, Phil Ray, Henry Oscar, Laurence Hanray, Cecil Parker. Dir: Victor Saville. 79 min.
    2. 1700.1. Westfront 1918 (1930). War -- German soldiers face terror and despair on the front lines during World War 1. Cast: Fritz Kampers, Gustav Diessl, Hans-Joachim Moebis, Claus Clausen, Jackie Monnier, Hanna Hoessrich, Else Heller. Dir: G.W. Pabst. 93 min.
    3. 20114.2. Seas Beneath (1931). Seafaring -- In the waning days of World War 1, a U.S. 'Mystery Ship,' sets sail for the coast of Spain towing a submarine. Cast: George O'Brien, Marion Lessing, Mona Maris, Walter C. Kelly, Warren Hymer, Steve Pendleton, Walter McGrail, Larry Kent, Henry Victor, John Loder. Dir: John Ford. 90 min.

  23. The Day the Guns Stopped: The events leading up to the armistice of November,, 1918 are detailed as all of Germany's allies are knocked out of the war and the Kaiser is forced to abdicate his throne and flee the country. (Mar 28, 1965)
    1. 1077.1. Random Harvest (1942). Romance -- A woman's happiness is threatened when she discovers her husband has been suffering from amnesia. Cast: Ronald Colman, Greer Garson, Philip Dorn, Susan Peters, Henry Travers, Reginald Owen, Bramwell Fletcher, Rhys Williams, Una O'Connor, Aubrey Mather, Margaret Wycherly, Arthur Margetson, Melville Cooper, Alan Napier, Jill Esmond. Dir: Mervyn LeRoy. 126 min.

  24. Wilson and Peace: Woodrow Wilson arrives in France as a conquering hero hoping to negotiate a peace treaty based on his Fourteen Points but it seems as though other Allied leaders have different things in mind and are bent on ramming through much harsher terms for their defeated German foe. (Apr 04, 1965)
    1. 2007.3. Rough Seas (1931). Comedy Short -- World War 1 dough boy Charley Chase attempts to return home from France on a troop transport ship with his girlfriend and pet monkey, both of whom are not allowed on board. This short makes excellent use of Chase's musical talent. Cast: Charley Chase, Thelma Todd, Carlton Griffin, Jimmie Adams, Frank Gage, Marvin Hatley. Dir: Charles Parrott. 27 min.
    2. 20112.1. Pilgrimage (1933). Women's Picture -- A farm boy's mother thinks the girl he wants to marry is unworthy, and she enrolls her son in the army during World War 1. Cast: Henrietta Crosman, Heather Angel, Norman Foster, Lucille La Verne, Maurice Murphy, Marian Nixon, Jay Ward, Robert Warwick, Louise Carter, Betty Blythe, Francis Ford, Charley Grapewin, Hedda Hopper, Frances Rich. Dir: John Ford. 96 min.

  25. The Allies in Russia: Allied forces land in Russia backing the White Russian forces against the Bolsheviks in that country's civil war. (Apr 11, 1965)
    1. 35502.2. The Last Command (1928). Postwar -- A former World War 1 Russian general becomes an extra in Hollywood. Cast: Emil Jannings, Evelyn Brent, William Powell, Jack Raymond, Nicholas Soussanin, Michael Visaroff, Fritz Feld. Dir: Josef von Sternberg. 88 min.
    2. Archive. A Sammy in Siberia (1919). Comedy Short -- After World War 1, an American soldier separated from his outfit protects a helpless Russian girl from marauding Bolsheviks. Cast: Harold Lloyd, 'Snub' Pollard, Bebe Daniels. Dir: Hal Roach. 10 min.

  26. Heritage of War: The series' conclusion depicts the aftermath of World War I and the problems that remained in Europe which lead to World War II. (Apr 18, 1965)
    1. 2081.1. Broken Lullaby (1932). Postwar -- A guilt-ridden World War 1 veteran travels to Germany to meet the family of a man he killed. Cast: Lionel Barrymore, Nancy Carroll, Phillips Holmes, Louise Carter, Tom Douglas, Emma Dunn, Lucien Littlefield, Tully Marshall, Zasu Pitts, George Bickel, Rodney McLennan, Reginald Pasch. Dir: Ernst Lubitsch. 76 min.
    2. 1335.1. Born to Love (1932). Postwar -- A World War 1 pilot thought dead turns up after the mother of his child has married. Cast: Constance Bennett, Joel McCrea, Paul Cavanagh, Frederick Kerr, Louise Closser Hale, Anthony Bushell, Daisy Belmore, Billy Bevan, Edmund Breon, Eddy Chandler, Jay Eaton, Bill Elliott, Fred Esmelton, Mary Forbes, Elizabeth Forrester, Robert Greig, Olaf Hytt. Dir: Paul L. Stein. 81 min.
    3. 1859.1. The Last Flight (1931). Airplanes -- Four disillusioned Army buddies roam post-World War 1 Europe. Cast: Richard Barthelmess, David Manners, Johnny Mack Brown, Helen Chandler, Elliott Nugent, Walter Byron, Luis Alberni, Herbert Bunston, Yola d'Avril, Jay Eaton, George Irving, Wallace MacDonald. Dir: William Dieterle. 76 min.
    4. 9999.1. A Month in the Country (1987). Postwar WW1 -- Two WW1 veterans try to get along in Yorkshire circa 1920. Cast: Colin Firth, John Atkinsons, Jim Carter, Patrick Malahide, Kenneth Branagh, Richard Vernon, Tim Barker, Vicki Arundale, Martin O'Neil, Natasha Richardson, Tony Haygarth, Eileen O'Brien, Elizabeth Anson, Barbara Marten, Ken Kitson. Dir: Pat O'Connor. 96 min. Blu-Ray
    5. 9999.1. The Water Diviner (2014). Postwar WW1 -- An Australian man travels to Turkey after the WW1 Battle of Gallipoli to try and locate his three missing sons. Cast: Russell Crowe, Olga Kurylenko, Yilmaz Erdogan, Cem Yilmaz, Jai Courtney, Dylan Georgiades, Steve Bastoni, Isabel Lucas, Salih Kalyon, Megan Gale, Ryan Corr, James Fraser, Ben O'Toole, Jacqueline McKenzie, Jack Patterson. Dir: Russell Crowe. 111 min. Blu-Ray
    6. 9999.1. Three Comrades (1938). Pre-war -- Three life-long friends share their love for a dying woman against the turbulent backdrop of Germany after World War 1. Cast: Robert Taylor, Margaret Sullavan, Franchot Tone, Robert Young, Guy Kibbee, Lionel Atwill, Henry Hull, Charley Grapewin, Monty Woolley. Dir: Frank Borzage. 99 min.
    7. 1199.2. The Sun Also Rises (1957). Masterpiece Theater -- A group of disillusioned American expatriate writers live a dissolute, hedonistic lifestyle in 1920's France and Spain. Cast: Tyrone Power, Ava Gardner, Mel Ferrer, Errol Flynn, Eddie Albert, Gregory Ratoff, Juliette Gréco, Marcel Dalio, Henry Daniell, Bob Cunningham, Danik Patisson, Robert Evans. Dir: Henry King. 130 min.

  27. The Moving Picture Boys in the Great War (1975). WW1 Documentary -- Lowell Thomas narrates this documentary clip-show. Same dvd as "The Secret Game." Cast: Bothwell Browne, Charles Chaplin, Lillian Gish, D.W. Griffith, Robert Harron, Sessue Hayakawa, Mae Marsh, Mary Pickford, Marie Prevost, Lowell Thomas, Erich von Stroheim. Dir: Larry Ward. 50 min.
    1. 28803.1. Lazybones (1925). Borzage -- A self-sacrificing hero's desires are overshadowed by his obligations. Cast: Buck Jones, Madge Bellamy, Virginia Marshall, Edythe Chapman, Leslie Fenton, Jane Novak, Emily Fitzroy, Zasu Pitts, William Bailey. Dir: Frank Borzage. 86 min.
    2. 9999.1. The Roaring Twenties (1939). Cagney -- Three World War 1 Army buddies get mixed up with the mob in peacetime. Cast: James Cagney, Humphrey Bogart, Priscilla Lane, Jeffrey Lynn, Gladys George. Dir: Raoul Walsh. 107 min.
    3. 1929.1. Heroes for Sale (1933). Postwar -- A World War 1 veteran fights drug addiction to make his way in the business world. Cast: Richard Barthelmess, Aline MacMahon, Loretta Young, Gordon Westcott, Robert Barrat, Berton Churchill, Grant Mitchell, Charley Grapewin, Robert McWade, G. Pat Collins, James Murray, Edwin Maxwell, Margaret Seddon, Arthur Vinton, Robert Elliott. Dir: William A. Wellman. 72 min.
    4. 1929.2. Central Airport (1933). Airplanes -- A World War 1 flyer can only find work as chauffeur to a lady sky diver. Cast: Richard Barthelmess, Sally Eilers, Tom Brown, Grant Mitchell, James Murray, Claire McDowell, Willard Robertson, Arthur Vinton. Dir: William A. Wellman. 72 min.
    5. 9999.1. The Great American Broadcast (1941). Musical -- After World War 1 two men work in radio. Cast: Alice Faye, John Payne, Jack Oakie, Cesar Romero, James Newill, Charles Fuqua, Hoppy Jones, Bill Kenny, Deek Watson, Fayard Nicholas, Harold Nicholas, Harry Wiere, Herbert Wiere, Sylvester Wiere, Mary Beth Hughes. Dir: Archie Mayo. 90 min.
    6. 1147.1. I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang (1932). Crime -- A World War 1 veteran faces inhuman conditions when he's sentenced to hard labor. Cast: Paul Muni, Glenda Farrell, Helen Vinson, Preston Foster, Allen Jenkins, Edward J. Macnamera, Berton Churchill. Dir: Mervyn LeRoy. 93 min.
    7. 1333.1. The Lost Squadron (1932). Airplanes -- Veteran flyers from World War 1 find work as movie stuntmen. Cast: Richard Dix, Mary Astor, Robert Armstrong, Dorothy Jordan, Joel McCrea, Erich von Stroheim, Hugh Herbert, Ralph Ince, Marjorie Peterson, Ralph Lewis, William B. Davidson. Dir: George Archainbaud. 79 min.
    8. 1136.1. They Gave Him a Gun (1937). Crime -- With no other prospects, a World War 1 veteran turns to crime. Cast: Spencer Tracy, Gladys George, Franchot Tone, Edgar Dearing, Mary Treen, Cliff Edwards, Charles Trowbridge. Dir: W.S. Van Dyke. 95 min.
    9. 1705.1. The Mating Call (1928). Postwar -- In this silent film, a World War 1 veteran takes on the Ku Klux Klan when he loses his wife to a womanizing Klansman. Cast: Thomas Meighan, Evelyn Brent, Renée Adorée, Alan Roscoe, Gardner James, Helen Foster, Luke Cosgrave, Cyril Chadwick, Delmer Daves, Herman J. Mankiewicz, Broderick O'Farrell, Will Walling. Dir: James Cruze. 72 min.
    10. 1174.1. Pack Up Your Troubles (1932). Laurel & Hardy -- After serving in World War 1, two men try to find a new home for a deceased friend's daughter. Cast: Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Don Dillaway, Jacqueline Taylor, Mary Carr, James Finlayson, Richard Cramer, Adele Watson, Tom Kennedy, Charles Middleton, Richard Tucker, Muriel Evans, Grady Sutton, C. Montague Shaw, Billy Gilbert. Dir: George Marshall. 68 min.
    11. 9999.1. The Strong Man (1926). Postwar -- A World War 1 veteran seeks the girl who wrote him during the war. Cast: Harry Langdon, Priscilla Bonner, Gertrude Astor, William V. Mong, Robert McKim, Arthur Thalasso. Dir: Frank Capra. 75 min.
    12. 9999.1. Life and Nothing But (1989). France -- The dead of World War 1 must be identified. Cast: Philippe Noiret, Sabine Azéma, Pascale Vignal, Maurice Barrier, François Perrot, Jean-Pol Dubois, Daniel Russo, Michel Duchaussoy, Arlette Gilbert, Louis Lyonnet, Charlotte Maury-Sentier, François Caron, Thierry Gimenez, Frédérique Meininger, Pierre Trabaud, Romojo. Dir: Bertrand Tavernier. 135 min.
    13. 9999.1. Oh! What a Lovely War (1969). World War 1 -- All singin, all dancing, all dying -- World War 1. Cast: Wendy Allnutt, Colin Farrell, Malcolm McFee, John Rae, Corin Redgrave, Maurice Roëves, Paul Shelley, Kim Smith, Angela Thorne, Mary Wimbush, Vincent Ball, Pia Colombo, Paul Daneman, Isabel Dean, Christian Doermer. Dir: Richard Attenborough. 144 min.
    14. 9999.1. Legends of the Fall (1994). Western -- An all-male family struggles to survive nature and romantic rivalry in the remote West. Cast: Brad Pitt, Anthony Hopkins, Aidan Quinn, Julia Ormond, Henry Thomas, Karina Lombard, Gordon Tootoosis, Christina Pickles, Paul Desmond, Tantoo Cardinal, Robert Wisden, John Novak, Kenneth Welsh, Bill Dow, Sam Sarkar. Dir: Edward Zwick. Blu-Ray 133 min.